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megahertz across multiple contiguous TV channels with at least 3 megahertz separation between the frequency band occupied by the white space device and adjacent. Required separation in kilometers from co-channel digital or analog TV (full service or low power) protected contour* 16 dBm (40 mW) 20 dBm (100 mW) 24 dBm (250 mW) 28 dBm (625 mW). (3) Outside of the 30 degree arc defined in paragraph (b 2) of this section: (i) White space devices operating at 4 watts eirp or less may not operate within 8 km from the receive site for co-channel. White space devices must be located outside the contours indicated in paragraph (a 1) of this section of co-channel and adjacent channel stations by at least the minimum distances specified in the following tables. Asos : les dernières remises pour vos achats. (a) Digital television stations, and digital and analog Class A TV, low power TV, TV translator and TV booster stations(1) Protected contour.

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The separation distances in this section apply to fixed and personal/portable white space devices with a code promo jpg livraison offerte location accuracy of 50 meters. Accepte un code réduction au moment du paiement. Ces codes promo vous donnent droit à une remise immédiate sur votre commande Il peut s'agir d'une réduction ou bien d'une livraison offerte souvent à partir d'un certain montant d'achat. White space devices are not required to comply with these separation distances from portions of the protected contours of Canadian or Mexican TV stations that fall within the United States. (1) Fixed white space devices may only operate above 4 W eirp in less congested areas as defined.703(h). White space devices may not operate on channels used by the Offshore Radio Service within the geographic areas specified.709(e) of this chapter. (iii) For purposes of this section, a TV station being received may include a full power TV station, TV translator station or low power TV/Class A TV station.

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hetm 15 code reduction

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