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days for your claim to be processed. For more information on submitting your bills, please log in to the. Q: Can I submit an online version of my bill? Unfortunately we can no longer offer cashback with this merchant. Q: How long do I have to send in my claim? Q: What happens if I change my address or mobile number after the sale? A: Automatic cashback means you do not need to claim with us, we will automatically process your cheque for you. Choose official accessories from the likes of Samsung, OtterBox, Ghostek, Olixar and many more. Sign up for free and just shop as normal. You should then click on the 'My.

My Account section and selecting My Claim Status. A: All bills sent in must show your name, address, the date of the bill, the tariff, current balance and your mobile number. A: Yes - You can submit an online version of your bill to us by visiting your. Q: I sent my claim in, but I haven't heard anything from you, what do I do now? Q: Can I submit a bill online? A: To find out which bills to send go to the My Claim Status in the.

Your online bill must display your name, address, mobile number, code reduction article de paris tariff and the bill date. A: When your claim is due you will be able to see a claim NOW option in the My Claim Status section. If you send in your bill to claim and the address and/or mobile number do not match those on our records, your claim will be rejected. I'VE disabled adblock, adblock is still not disabled. Cashback ' tab and follow the instructions. You will then receive an email from us to let you know weve received you claim. Q: Which bills do I need to send in to claim my cashback?

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